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Impact cards and how they can work for your organisation 

Our impact cards have set the standard for social impact communications across the UK and Ireland. They're an effective marketing tool, to tell stories of impact, to lobby government and to support future funding applications.

For nearly 10 years now we have been supporting our parent organisation NOW Group to measure and report on its social impact

They have built a story of impact and use their annual evaluation as a quality assurance and business improvement tool.  NOW Group wants to know what works and what doesn't and their annual SROI review enables them to continue to ask the question "So what?".

NOW Group's social impact journey measured over time 2014 - 2019

In 2019 for every £1 invested in NOW Group they returned £15 in social value


in social value 2018


in social value 2017


in social value 2016


in social value 2015


in social value 2014


in social value 2019


We're the leading provider of impact cards across UK & Ireland

See some examples of our cards below

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